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Posted by Ocala Mike (Member # 4657) on :
Not gonna bother with a link, but it seems that hope for service of some kind between New Orleans and Mobile has been dashed by the governor of Alabama.
Posted by Vincent206 (Member # 15447) on :
Here's a link.

from the Governor's office:
...consideration must also be given to the impact passenger rail service will have on the commercial and freight rail service that share the same track. It has become clear to me that, though some economic benefit may be realized by new passenger rail service, such service will have an outsized detrimental impact on other types of rail service.
I don't know which railroad would host this service, but it sounds like they were opposed to the restoration.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
More beneficial places to use the funds; not surprising the Governor, who stands for election to a full term this November, has taken this position.

CSX(L&N) is the East-West road serving the Port of Mobile. Also serving Mobile is CN(GM&O), NS(SRY), and AGR(SLSF).
Posted by sojourner (Member # 3134) on :
I wonder how much money she gets from the freight rr in campaign donations? But even if that's not the reason, hear what her opponent has to say, from

The decision was criticized by Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, the Democratic candidate challenging Ivey's bid for election to a full-term. Maddox had previously called for Ivey to support the Amtrak effort. On Thursday he released a statement saying an opportunity had been missed:

"After exhaustive research and study, Governor Ivey's own appointees to the Southern Rail Commission recommended an investment that would vastly enhance Alabama's tourism industry for decades to come by creating new jobs and revenue for a 21st Century economy. This is not about passenger rail versus freight -- this is about the past versus the future. This decision continues Governor Ivey's pattern of outdated governing that keeps Alabama at or near the bottom in everything that matters. In missing this opportunity to position Alabama at the epicenter of passenger rail travel on the gulf coast, Governor Ivey proves that Alabama is not 'on the right track.'"
Posted by palmland (Member # 4344) on :
It does appear CSX has the governors ear. While I am disappointed to hear this, there is no doubt that CSX generates a lot more income for the state than one train a day that travels a few miles into Alabama to Mobile.

But, I think it is possible a train could still operate. Most of the tourist beaches and casinos are in Mississippi and I suspect would generate most of the income for the train. In the 50’s the L&N RR had a daily commuter train that departed New Orleans at 5:15pm for the 88 mile trek to Ocean Springs (just beyond Biloxi). A few miles beyond that is Pascagoula, MS where there is a small yard and, more importantly, an active wye where a train could be turned. While CSX would no doubt filght it, this could be a viable destination for the train.
Posted by Ocala Mike (Member # 4657) on :
And thus, Ivey joins our Gov. Scott on the path to regression. Nothing to see here, move on.

Took L&N train from New Orleans to Gulfport, MS as a "soldier boy" in 1965.
Posted by sojourner (Member # 3134) on :
Having a train stop in Mobile would be very good for tourism. There is the USS Alabama and Bellingrath Gardens, among other things. And Montgomery is a nice city with a lot to do. This was supposed to go up to Birmingham via Montgomery, right?

There ought to be no problem with having both a passenger train and freight. Other places do; they could too. If there is congestion at Mobile, they could try to do another track or something.
Posted by Ocala Mike (Member # 4657) on :
No, sojourner, it's just the movement to resume service on the post-Katrina (remember Katrina?) Sunset route east of New Orleans.


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