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Posted by Ocala Mike (Member # 4657) on :
A little ponderous, but rail/COVID related and at least she's not a foamer.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
With the objective of eliminating, if possible, the LD trains, and the certainty of making them unattractive for experiential travel, I'm not sure how pleased One Mass is to learn of material such as this.

Elsewhere it is reported at several sites that the Western LD's, such as the Chief that had retained full service dining, no longer offer such and now have, at best, "flex" and according to one report "boxed" food service. Supposedly, it's "for the Duration", but your bookie is taking bets if it is permanent.

Strange that at least one Food Service car has not been removed, but my observations of both the "Covid Chief" and the "Covid Zephyr" still have both a Diner and Lounge in their consists.
Posted by Ocala Mike (Member # 4657) on :
The consist hasn't changed, I guess, but the diners are not "crewed." Wondering what the year over year monthly figures will look like for Amtrak ridership when they come out.
Posted by PullmanCo (Member # 1138) on :
It’s been a month since my USG agency had me in to the office. In February, there was still a KC-CHI being dropped and picked up.

It got furloughed before I got put on weather and safety leave. At some point I’ll have the gumption to go watch a train.
Posted by PullmanCo (Member # 1138) on :
I’ve had some pretty decent front cabin airline food. If Amtrak can’t even do that, there’s no need to travel with them.

See also ICC V Southern Pacific.
Posted by PullmanCo (Member # 1138) on :
Duplicate post.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
Colonel, I think you know I'm of shared thought. After my "take it or leave it" AT "Voyage 25" last January, and being served my one "comp glass" of "Red or White" from a milk carton, as part of the "enhanced experience", I said "that's all folks". "The next time I'm on this will be when I'm in Florida with a POV and I have reason to next be in the Wash area."

I think we both know from our seatings "with the curtain aft" of us, that no airline, charging some four times over those seated "on the other side", is about to be "skimpy" with the Grape Juice. Additionally, the Short Ribs that United buys from Lufthansa Sky Chefs are "to die for" (they can be so tender and tasty). And so far as the other "experientials" go, sure I was less than happy for being "jumped" last August for looking out at Greenland. But when I mentioned the incident to Maureen, she then shared with me how she would have addressed it - and did it ever "go down more nicely".

In short Amtrak, the next time you'll find me riding will be if I am in the Northeast, and have somewhere to go within same. Beyond that, it's "markers" (or FRED) for us.

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