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Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
From Imlauer Pitter Hotel Salzburg

Germany announced an "anywhere for €9,00 Rail Sale", which includes Salzburg, and that is "bringing them in from the fields of sin", i.e. the Autobahn. Of course, gas at $7.98ga helps the cause.

The Times has reported on this development.

So riding from Munich yesterday, the train, an Austrian RailJet, was so packed. people were sitting in the vestibule - including one kid sitting atop the buffer plates. I saw it and ran him off saying to someone who sort of knew English "American railroad", and pointing at myself, "not safe, Nien, Nicht" (pretty much the run of my German) :-D .

No one lifted my ticket. for which I paid.€47, and it's good today. Sorry, but I'm not taking a joyride to Munich today with it, and any rides I take during the week I'm here, will be in First Class.
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
Are these trains still using hook and screw couplings?
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
From Imlauer Pitter Hotel Salzburg

Indeed Mr. Harris, and I cringe whenever I see a Carman coupling up.
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
The things, (hook couplings) among others outlawed in the US by the Railway Safety Appliance Act of 1895 (or was it 1893?)
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
From Imlauer Pitter Hotel Salzburg--

Not over here, Mr. Harris.

I guess I'm becoming like all to many ol "I ride trains in Europe all the time, but would never think of using Amtrak". While I have not been near Amtrak since #52(the day Kobe Bryant was killed), I have taken rides over here, in addition to Munich Airport to here on Thursday, one on Saturday to Bolzano, Italy and return. Tomorrow, I could well go to Munich Stadtmitte, where I haven't been since "the family trip to Europe during '60.

Home on Wednesday; "The Longest Day" (can't sleep - even in Business Class!!)
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
Understood. My first acquaintance with cars with the hook and screw couplers and buffers in the flesh was the equipment brought in by the French contractor for the first Taipei Rapid Transit System track contract. Since these were all in low speed service, they did not even bother to run the screws up to get the buffers in contact with each other. Since this was 1993 when they started, I made the comment once to these guys to the effect that why don't you join the 20th century in couplers before you lose the chance.

Incidentally, the Taiwan Railway used AAR style couplers. In fact, their American made diesels had AAR stamped on the couplers.

As an aside, I probably put in more rail miles as a passenger on the Taiwan Railway system during my time there than on trains over the entire rest of my life in total.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
Aboard Westbahn 960 59km East of Munich--

Today is a day trip to Munich Stadtmitte where I have not set foot since "the family trip to Europe" during '60.

Mr. Harris, watch and cringe:
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
Originally posted by Gilbert B Norman:
Mr. Harris, watch and cringe:

Arrrrgh! If this doesn't give anybody involved in safety in any form a near fatal heart attack, nothing will. And there is laughter in the background? Notice after recovering from the car movement he seemingly calmly puts on the hook and turns the screw, but then almost forgets to connect the brake lines. I could write a paragraph about likely consequences of this event.

When I saw the UIC clearance outlines years ago, I saw that they have a half man size clear space requirement at each end of the vehicles to give the person doing the deed a "safe" space to stand in between buffer and hook. I have seen pictures of long poles with large hooks that are used in Britian so that the link can be reached and put over the hook without the need to get between the cars. Whether this use is universal there or occasional, I have no idea.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :

Both United flights over to EDDM/MUC and return were on time. This was even after on the return, someone had misplaced their passport that the ground staff found resulting in a ten minute "late push".

I'll take that ten-minute delay "in a heartbeat" for anyone in those potentially dire straits. As for me, who I guess can be considered a "veteran" overseas traveler, I attach mine with elastic bands to my wallet.

But all told, yesterday was "The Longest Day". I never sleep Westward and "maybe an hour or two" East (friends have said to me "just go Coach if you're not going to sleep"). I awoke at 355A CET and went to bed at 6P CT. Add in the 7hr time difference and I was awake for 21hours.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
Now Spain has joined "the land of the free":


Fair Use:
What's next? A free "Continental Pass"?

Funny though; I PAID - and plenty! - for my 1000 miles (Munich-Salzburg X 2; Salzburg-Bolzano) or so of riding last month.

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