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Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
See: (Friday July 29, 2016)

The derailment occurred in the crossover adjacent to the East Falls Church station. The crossover is a double crossover, sometimes called a scissors crossovers as the crossovers overlap and have a center diamond. The station is a center platform station, so the crossover is fairly long. If I remember correctly, the turnouts are No. 8's. Speed was probably fairly low, 20 mph limit if I remember correctly.

A few quotes for understanding after the news article disappears from the internet:
The derailment happened around 6:15 a.m. near the platform at the East Falls Church station.

75 passengers who were on the train were off-loaded after the derailment. The one person injured was believed to have suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries.
. . . .
The current SafeTrack Surge #5, and the first SafeTrack Surge #1, were focused on maintenance in the area near where the derailment occurred.

Nothing in the article about the amount of vehicle or track damage.
Posted by Gilbert B Norman (Member # 1541) on :
The New York Times "teed off" at Metro earlier this month. The Times has a well staffed Washington Bureau (likely larger than any other out of town media outlet), and those staffers certainly ride Metro:

Fair Use:

I defer to others to evaluate this article. To me, it has all the trappings of a human interest piece and does "not exactly" strike me as Pulitzer material.
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
Originally posted by Gilbert B Norman:

"Second busiest" Is that really correct? What about Chicago, Philadelphia?

Having, a long time ago now, spent 6 years of my life working on this thing mostly before the first piece opened and at that time hearing over and over:
"It costs too much"
"It is taking too long to build"
"Nobody is ever going to ride it"
And since seeing all the ultimate system as originally planned plus a few of the dotted lines "maybe someday" either built or underway, it is still surprising to see it referred to as the "second busiest in the country".
Posted by George Harris (Member # 2077) on :
pull forward

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