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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 3134
 - posted
Do you ever visit other cities besides NY when you come to the States?
Member # 5479
 - posted
Yes. Washington, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Chicago and Boston have been visited more than once. San Francisco, Boston and New York we now know quite well. I have a favourite Italian restaurant in Boston, and have done a lot of walking there. Seattle we liked, apart from the abomination of the elevated highway along the bay front. Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans gave us a taste of the south. Los Angeles, because of its sprawl, I find difficult , but I have persevered with red bus tours and the subway and have got to know several districts, including the "original" area around Union Station, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica. We have visited the Huntington Museum and gardens. We have covered a fair amount of ground over the last 17 years. The only place I have really not liked was Las Vegas, which I suppose we felt we should experience. I found it soul-destroying and depressing, but other people love it. Flying back at night from Los Angeles we flew over it and this illuminated square in the middle of nowhere seemed such an environmental disaster, when you consider the dam is, what, about 20 miles from it? I have removed the semi-political comment I have just written, as as a visitor I do not feel entitled to make such comments.
Gilbert B Norman
Member # 1541
 - posted
From Hampton Inn Fredericksburg VA--

Ms. MGT, I have heard other Europeans make a like comment about Vegas. They were simply astounded that any political entity could endorse such a waste of energy resources as does Vegas. Apparently, Paris - "The City of Light" - does not approach the energy consumption as does Vegas.

They have "wised up" regarding consumption of water, as the various aquatic displays all are careful to recycle the water they use. Water is the one resource that the region accepts is finite. The Colorado River flows by Yuna AZ with only the amount of water that is allocated to Mexico by treaty - and when they use their allocation, the estuary into the Gulf of California is normally dry.

Even if annoying, I have to respect how in Austria, a hotel guest must place their key in a socket in order to have HVAC and light and how the hallway lights are dimmed except when someone is walking by.

Today is back to the barn.
George Harris
Member # 2077
 - posted
Originally posted by Gilbert B Norman:

Even if annoying, I have to respect how in Austria, a hotel guest must place their key in a socket in order to have HVAC and light and how the hallway lights are dimmed except when someone is walking by.

This is true in most of the parts of Asia I have lived in / visited.
Member # 3134
 - posted
We have similar tastes: I hated that downtown elevated highway in Seattle too (plus disliked Seattle the first time I went entirely, due to rain; liked it quite well second time when it was sunny!). And of all the places I have visited, ever, I think Reno, Nevada, was my least favorite, for the same reasons you disliked Las Vegas, seemed soulless to me. I have never had any inclination to visit Vegas (or Atlantic City). I don't mind gambling at a racetrack, but casinos seem braindead to me. Yech.

I would not put Atlanta or Denver on my A list, but I still like them OK, and they are convenient--I find I've been to them 3 times each, often to get someplace else. I very much have liked all the other places you mention. You don't mention Chicago, but I assume you've been there lots if you are Amtrakking?

Let me know if you want further input.

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