RAILforum Discussion Guidelines :

  • The purpose of this railroad discussion forum is to provide you with opportunities to share your ideas and communicate with other rail enthusiasts. Please keep your postings and messages related to railroad subjects only. Discussions of non-railroad related subjects is prohibited.

  • Remember to thread messages (reply to another message or topic) where appropriate. Only begin a new message when necessary.

  • It is okay to disagree with someone else's point of view, however members are to remain respectful of one another.

  • Avoid bad language and conversations that some may find offensive.

  • Do not criticize spelling, phrasing, grammatical mistakes, or other content errors in a forum post.

  • Avoid using one liner message reply e.g. "me too" , "catch you later" Posting these one liner makes forum topic lengthier which in turn takes up time as other members must sort through these messages.

  • Typing messages entirely in CAPITAL letters is generally interpreted as abusive and should not occur.

  • Spams, virus warnings, chain letters, or nasty jokes are unnecessary in the discussion forum environment and should not occur.

  • RAILforum.com reserves the right to remove any post for any reason.

  • Violation of any of these guidelines may result in cancellation of your membership.

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