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Author Topic: novel part 3
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A car went in front of our train. "I have just hit a car, repeat I have just hit a car," the engineer said on his radio.
"Ok, I'll get off and inspect in a few," I said while I hit the floor of the diner. Then we backed up to the site. The assistant conductor and I got off to investigate, and talk to the police.
Makenzie came out and screamed, and for some reason hugged me ick.After she finished I escorted her to her car. Then I walked alongside the train inspecting all of the cars. The only thing we needed to move was the aluminum bumper from under the locomotive. We made a tough decision and had everyone walk past it to show what happens when you challenge a train.
Now our only problem was the crews time had elapsed. So I got permission for me to drive this train to the next crew change. I needed a conductor up there so I found Matt, who is a freight conductor on the Maine Central. I packed a small bag of snacks before we went up there. I climbed up into the locomotive, and went to the engineers side. “This is P096 permission to proceed,” Matt asked.
“You’ll have to wait on a manifest to change tracks in front of you,” The BNSF dispatcher said.
Matt and I waited a minute for it to cross over and it did. Then I blew the horn twice and we were on our way. The units were responding pretty well. I slowed the train down to 50 between mileposts 602.6 and 602.9. Every few minutes a crossing would pop up. Matt hit the deadman switch every two minutes. We came to a stop for refueling. The crew did a very fast job at it.
Matt told me some of his railroading stories. Shortly after that we went thru Abo canyon. We had
several slow orders due to double tracking. 90
minutes later we climbed down from the locomotives We both boarded in the dome diner. Then I found a seat, and had a hamburger basket. Then I went to bed. We left Williams at 9:30. At 11:45 I heard a huge brawl down the hall. I grabbed my conductor’s hat, and responded to it. It was in Makenzie’s single room. Her ex boyfriend was in there starting a fight. I quickly took him out of the room, and handcuffed him after escorting him to my room.
I walked him to the band director’s compartment. “Jonathan are you out of your mind,” he said.
“Sir this guy broke all of the rules,” I said, “and I think we need to give him a trial.”
“Jonathan, your prosecutor, get Kayley for defense, and in the morning get Edward, Dalton, and I’ll get 12 jurors,” he said.
“I’m doomed, I can’t argue full force with her,” I said.
“You like her,” he said.
“Well she is a very good friend,” I said.
"Really you, sound like you like her," he said.
"Well, maybe," I said.
“Still your case, pound him,” He said.
Then I locked him up into a slumbercoach. I then interviewed Makenzie, not fun. In the morning I went and got breakfast. After breakfast I went to the courtroom, in the lounge. We still didn’t have judge. I then spotted Jason one of the Youth Court Judges,

and asked him if he would help, he would.
“All rise,” Edward said.

“ You may be seated,” the judge said, “is the prosecution ready to proceed.”
“Yes your honor,” I said, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. This is an assault case with an unclear motive,” while air punching (you do this type stuff in court), “I plead to you to hear this case fairly.” Then I went and sat down. Then Kayley did her opening.
“Prosecution may call their first witness,” the judge said.
“Yes your honor, I would like to call the defendant,” I said. Edward swore the guy in. “Can you describe the day in question,” I asked.
“Yeah, the sun went up, we hit something, and the sun went down,” he said.
“You don’t understand, describe the

incident,” I said.
“I went to her room, just wanting to talk it over, and she started it,” he said.
“So you were fighting in self defense,” I asked.
“No I was the avenger,” he said.
“So you started it,” I said.
“Sure, whatever,” he said a little huffy.
“Do you get mad easy,” I asked.
“I’m not allowed to tell you that,” he said.
“Could the incident been avoided,” I asked.
“Yeah, if she wouldn’t have picked the fight,” he said.
“Here we go again,” I said under my breath. “How could it have been avoided,” I asked.
“If she wouldn’t have dumped me,” he said.
“So, because she dumped you, you fought with her,” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said in a macho way.
“What did you think that was going to solve,” I asked.
“To teach her a lesson,” he said.
“What lesson may that be,” I asked.
“She should not dump me,” he said.
“Why do you think she dumped you,” I asked.
“ I don’t know,” he said.
“Did you over react in this case,” I asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“About how often,” I asked.
“Objection, your honor,” Kayley said.
“Mr. Hinely opened the line of questioning, so overruled,” the judge said.
“About once every few days,” he said.
“No further questions,” I said. Kayley could not help this guy, he was to stupid. I then called Makenzie to the stand.
“Can you describe the day in question,” I asked.
“Yeah, I was about to go into my bed for the night,” she said.
“Did you fight back,” I asked.
“No, well maybe it was late,” she said.
“Why did you dump him,” I asked.
“He was getting weird with me,” she said.
“What is weird,” I asked.
“You don’t want to know,” she said.
“I need to know,” I said.
“For my reputation, I can’t tell you,” she said.
“Ok, good enough. Do you think it was a wise choice to dump him,” I asked.
“Yes,” she said.
“No further questions,” I said. Kayley had better luck cracking what weird is out of her. I had connections in the business that was weird and called them to get some details.
"Ok, I would like to call Ms. Kelly to the stand," I said. Edward swore her in. "Can you tell me do you think it was a smart idea for her to dump him," I asked.
"Yes it was a very smart thing," she said.
"May I ask why," I asked.
"Sure, well he was violent, and very mean to her friends, possessive," She said.
"I'm not possessive," the respondent yelled.
"One more outburst like that and I will have you in contempt," the judge said.
"So what did you think at the beginning of their relationship," I asked.
"Well, at first I was happy for her seeing I didn't know much about him, but as the relationship continued I started to see his real colors,"She said.
"What might those be," I asked.
"Well lets see, violent, possessive, jealous, dumb, obsessed, need I say more," she said.
"Please do, your going to make my job so easy," I said.
"Well back to the list, evil, dogmatic, insane, crude, rude, ruling, pushed for the wrong issues, believed anything from those right wing extremists, was a hypocrite, and that is about all I can think of right now," she said
"Thank you, no further questions," I said. Kayley then asked a few questions.
I prepared my closing.
“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you have heard this very interesting case. This guy when asked simple questions stumbled. Both of them had their problems. Her best friend even said that she didn't approve him and warned her of him (Kayley's questioning) and you heard why. We need to rip the guy from the train,” I said while ripping the punishment apart, “ Oops, looks like I did it again," I said as the jurry bursted into laughter, "The prosecution wants to send him of them home by bus on his own dime.”
I then listened to the other closing.......
So who do you think won. Do you think this case is silly, what side would you take on the case. Sorry I'm asking all of the questions it helps me figure out my strong points in my novel and where I need to improve. So other then that, what do you like, dislike, about it. Your feedback is appreciated. I do know that this brakes so many FRA rules, but hey it is fiction right.

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