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Author Topic: novel part 4
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I then asked the judge how I did.
“That was the best case I have seen,” he said. Then the two of us talked seeing we knew each other well. The jury came back announced I had won completely.
“Kayley, you did well, you probably would have won, if you had more to work with, and maybe a different attorney to go against, I'm the best in Youth Court,” I said.
“Thanks, and your probably right, but now I want to join Youth Court and show you, you aren't the best,” she said.
"Hey Samantha thanks," I said, "your very cool to hang out with," I said.
"Thanks and your welcome," she said.

Grand canyon

I found Edward, Kayley, Kelsey, and Dalton, and began our hike down the canyon. We slowly walked among ridges. We stopped every few minutes to take photos. We just talked and admired the canyon. We were out of breath once reached the bottom.
We put out a blanket on the riverbank and, had a picnic. We had drinks and sandwiches. We have another seven hours here before we leave. After an hour we left. We started to climb back up. We slowly walked up the slopes. Now we wished we had rented a horse .We only made it halfway up before we had to stop and sit.
Luckily before we sat we noticed the

rattle snake. Edward picked it up by its
tail and dropped it off the side of the canyon.
We took a minute and then continued up. We reached the restaurant at the top, and passed out. “Sir, please wake up,” the waitress said. I woke, we had one minute to catch our train. I woke everyone. We made it to the platform as it started, why it started with out me the conductor I have no clue. Then we jumped into an open vestibule. Then I went to the Pleasure dome. I sat with Edward and we watched the desert scenery pass by. Matt summoned me for an interview for extreme trains.
Tonight my band and I were doing a performance in our theater car. I watched the clock, as we got closer. We only had 62 seats to fill, so we required tickets, even if they were free.
About 90 minutes prior I set up our guitars, and amps, and tuned them. Then I went back to the dressing rooms.
Then at 7, we came out. We ha a full house. “Hello everyone, you ready to rock,” I yelled. We started with Buddy Holly’s That’ll be the day and Oh Boy. Then we explored the 70’s to current music with, Simon & Garfunkl, Aerosmith, Who, Monkeys, John Lennon, Coldplay. Then we devoted our selves to the Beatles. My favorite was I Saw Her Standing There. I played guitar on a few of these. Then we took requests. Kayley wanted Viva La Vita(Coldplay) So I got my violin out. Then someone asked for Green Day. I asked the director if we could. He let us, so we played till ten. People congregated till about midnight.
When the train turned toward Vegas I was surprised. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t so I sat in the observation car watching the moonlight on vacant sidings. Edward joined me a few minutes later. We talked till we passed out.
We woke up when Ashlyn wanted to sit in the lounge in the morning, seeing both of us passed out on the couches. I looked out the window and we were in Vegas. After a few minutes we left to some indoor amusement park. Samantha, Makenzie, Edward, Dalton, and I were in one group. We rode all the rides. Some teens were annoying me in a line, by hitting my butt (stupid kids). But we lost them after riding the ride, but not before Makenzie yelled at them, and then shielded me, did she like me. Then we went back to the train.
I was glad my dad delivered the mail on the train while we were in the station. I sat in the domeliner as we tackled

Cajon Pass. I could see the helper locomotives helping us up the pass. Once we got to Riverside the helpers came off. While we were rolling toward the coast we passed a lot of trains from the port of Long Beech.
When we got to Fullerton, our locomotives went to the other side of the train. When we started paralleling the coast, everyone moved to the domes and one side of the train. The evenings news ratings went way down today. Kelsey joined me in the dome.
We talked about what we were enjoying. I told her that my mom and I were going to a seafood restaurant tonight. She figured it would beat train food. Even if our food was good. When

we arrived into San Diago, I had to help
move the locomotive to the proper place where they were originally. After that We Edward, Kelsey, my mom, and I went to dinner at Anthony’s. As usual it was awesome.
Then after we ate we returned to the train. As I was falling asleep a train of Padres fans was departing. In the morning I ate breakfast and then I had to walk over 20 cars to go get our zoo tickets out of the baggage car. Then I handed all of them out. We then walked to the trolley track, and then we rode it a few stops before catching a bus.
I was with my usual group. We all walked into the park. We looked at snakes first. It is always interesting to figure out where they are hiding. Then we rode the sky ride, it was rough
departing and arriving stations, as gravity was in control on a metal track. It was a little cold at the top of the ride, as we crossed the zoo. Then we wandered around the zoo, and took photos. I saw every species of cats on this expedition.
We then caught the tour bus; we rode on the top floor of the bus. After that I went with my dad to the model railroading museum, and to a Padres game. We managed to get front row tickets. We explored the stadium. Then we watched the game. The Padres beat the brewers 5-3. Then we went back to the train, for the night. I had to restore power to the half of the train when a cable got pulled out of its place, I had only been awake for a few minutes when I was summoned for another trial. Makenzie Vs. the train crew. I was again the prosecuting attorney, and Kayley defense, this time Kelsey got to be judge. This case was another stupid one, a fight for a guy, no one knew who the other girl was, it was an anonymous tip. I noticed Kayley looked like she had a bad nights sleep. "Ok, this is the second case we have had with this girl, so we will see what is about, because I didn't get briefed on it, till like ten minutes ago," I said.
"So what was the fight about," I asked Makenzie the first witness.
"It was about a guy," She said.
"May I ask about the fight," I asked.
"Well me and this girl I don't know the name of, got in a fight over you," She said.
"No way, there can't be two girls that love me, I doubt one sometimes," I said, "So could you recognize this person."
"No, the power went out, before the fight," she said.
"Yeah, I remember that,'' I said, "I have no more questions for this witness," I said.
"Do you want to call another witness,"Kelsey asks.
"There were no witness to this, I can't," I said, "All I can do is a character witness and that would help her not me." as Kayley was trying to figure out what to do in her closing.
"Well ladies and Gentleman of the jury, this was an interesting case, that I have learned a lot from. One girls actually like me, that was the biggest surprise. So I recommend that we remove Makenzie from this train for good. You probably think that is odd seeing she loves me right, well I'm unbiased so I hope you are too have a good one," I said.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I think this is very interesting, just like Jonathan, I didn't get any notice of this case ether, back to business, so I think you should forgive her, because it was a stupid fight over him,'' Kayley said pointing at me," So we should let her compete and seeing she is her second time in this court, we should put her off the train here after that.''
After that the jury went to deliberate, "Kayley there will be no clear winner, seeing we both asked for the same thing just with a variation," I said.
"Yeah," she said. Then we continued talking. The jury came back and decided that they wouldn't let her compete so I won.
After that I got our instruments from the baggage cars. Then we all crossed the street to the American Plaza stations. The operator of the trolley helped us get our instruments on the train.
We then rode to the convention center. Then we went in and uncased our instruments, and walked down many back corridors to the warm up room. Then to the stage. We preformed well. Then we went backstage. Then the band directors favorite students got our first place trophy (Not me).


Phone call

When we got back to the station, the stationmaster was calling me to go get the phone. A TV show wanted to use our train. I told them yes if they could get everyone tours of Hollywood. Then we departed North. I went to the twin unit diner and had a steak after our performance.
When we arrived in Los Angeles, everyone got off but me. I stayed with the train to greet the stars and the film crew. But, while I was waiting, I heard about a unclaimed luggage sale, so I went to the area they were selling stuff. They were selling things from the movie Ghostbusters. I bought every piece of it. Then I threw it in the baggage car.
Then I climbed down only to find the three stars. “Hello, how may I help you,” I asked.
“Well you get us on the train,” one of them yelled, I had not gotten their names yet.
“Ok, were going to work our way down to the observation car Sandy Creek,” I said.
“How far is that,” the guy asked.
“3,400 feat,” I responded.
“Awe so far,” the one who spoke first, said.
I gave a tour as we walked down the train. When we got to the end of the train, I found out, I had shut the door. I climbed on the ladder on the side opened the door. Then I put the trap door down, as well as the step box. “Mind the gap,” I said.
Then we walked down to the lookout lounge. “So what are your names, so I know how to call you,” I asked.
“I’m Nathan,” the boy said, the second to speak.
“Jennette,” the nice blonde said the third to speak.
“Miranda,” the first to speak.
“Ok, I’ll be back in a minute, I got to get my car charts. Feel free to explore the car,” I said. As I passed the vestibule I closed it. Then I walked all the way to my room and back. “Ok what type of accommodation do you guys want, you can have doubles, masters, drawings, roomettes, singles, and duplex roomettes,” I said.
“What is the difference between them,” Miranda asked.
“I’ll show you guys so come on,” I said.
The first one we got to was a double, “this type can accommodate 2 and you have a private restroom,” I said. Then we went to a roomette,” It sleeps only one person,” I said.
“Then we have our master that has space for two, and has extra room,” I said, “Then the drawing can sleep three, it is the largest one of all.” I then shown them the single rooms, and a duplex roomette,” I said.
We then went to the Cascade Club, “So what have you decided on,” I asked.
“I’ll take a single room,” Jennette said.
“Ok, you are in room 3 car 40,” I said.
“Thank you,” she said.
“I’ll take a double,” Miranda said.
“Ok you are in room 7, car 29,” I said.
“Thank you,” she said.
“I’m taking a roomette,” Nathan said.
“Ok roomette 21, car 29,” I said, “Let me find a menu, so you can see what we have for food around here,” I said.
“Finely something decent,” one of them said, I was leaving the car and not paying attention.
I went 2 cars to the dome diner to get three. They seamed to like the menu. Then the camera men people wanted to film at this station. “Excuse me, but if your show is supposed to from Seattle, then you should wait till we get to Seattle’s King St Station,” I said.

“Brilliant,” the director said, “how long till we get there.”
“Roughly 2 days,” I replied, “were not going for a while seeing we are going to stop in the bay area for a day.”
“We’ll make the best of it,” he said.
“So what do we do now,” Nathan said.
“I can give you guys a tour of the cab, but that’s all I can do,” I said.
“Which way,” Miranda said.
“Follow me,” I said. We walked thru forty something cars, till we got to a vestibule and we got off. Then we walked up to the lead locomotive. I climbed up and opened the door, then I let the others up. “This is the reverser, it is the key and if it is in forward we go forward, and you get it. This is the brake, helps us control the speed of the whole train. This is the throttle which controls the speed of the train,” I said.

“Where is the horn,” Jennette asked.
“That blue button,” I said,” seeing you all probably want to blow it, one short blast for each of you.” Each of them did as they were told, that was good because any more would mean we were moving and we weren't moving. Then after that we got off the locomotive, I got off last to shut the door. Then we boarded the same car as we got off.
I was surprised when Jennette sat at the piano in the theater car. “You can play,” I asked.
“Yeah,” she said.
“You know any of the Beatles songs,” I asked.
“Hey Jude,” she said.
“You warm up, I’ll get my guitar,” I said. I ran and came back with it. I plugged it in its amp. “Ready when you are,” I said. We started it I sang it. I was really good seeing this is the song I first learned on the guitar. Maxwell played the drums. Right as the director came in.
“Pretty good,” he said.
My part was pretty easy, We also did All You Need is Love this time I was on the Piano, Jennette played the guitar chords from the Beatles 1 book. Then the passenger started coming back. So I put my guitar back in my room. Then as soon as everyone was on we departed. No one knew that we had 3 celebrities on the train. But once one person found out it made it much tougher for me. They got mobbed by people who knew who they were.
Then I had to make sure that they were ok. Was I really fit for this job. My friends were so happy they went on the tour, so I had to look at the photos of the tour. I then made the announcement we would stop at the beach for an hour. We reached Surf and got off and walked to the beach. The band director had chaperones stationed everywhere.
I spent some time in the ocean. Till I decided I would try my luck in the sand castle contest. I made a sun, but I made it with words that said, “Here Comes The Sun,”(A great Beatles song). I lost but so what..............
So how did you guys like this installment. The event in the amusement actually happened to me in the process of writing this, so I included it. Do you guys know what show these actors, and actresses are from? Thanks

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