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Author Topic: novel part 6
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When we got to Aurora, the police took away the murderer, we thought, he got away and ran for the locomotive.
When we passed our engineer on the
ground I knew we were in trouble. To add
salt to an open wound, his allies started to round up the passengers, not to mention they were armed. I had to sneak passed the enemy, and round Edward, and my dad up, and then go to the baggage car. “Why are we here,” Edward asked.
“Were, the first line of defense for this train, open that trunk and find out,” I said.
We opened it and took our weapons, and handcuffs. Then we went thru the train. “Drop your weapon, and put your hands up,” I said to one of the guys allies. We hand cuffed, him and took his gun. After about 2 more times, we found our real enemy. “Let the hostages go,” I ordered.
“No,” she said.
“What do you want to let them go,” I asked.
“I want you to take the charges off of Jeffery (an adult),” she said.
“I can’t he is definitely the killer,” I said.
“Well, ok, wait step back or I shoot,” she
I stepped back. I noticed Samantha mouthing something to me, and I mouthed back that I would free her. One of her hostages got up as she was distracted, and left. "So what do you think you are going to accomplice with this," I asked.
"Hey, I know that we will win," she said.
''Really," I said, "and how do you propose that."
"Well were just going to get our way,"she said.
Then Jennette who escaped came back with a frying pan. She snuck up behind her, and slammed it on her head. Then I rushed over, and put the cuffs on. Then we continued to search the train.
Then we had to turn our priority to the person in the engine. I had him look back to where I was standing, right as we went over rough track. He flew off. I heard one shot, “ Nice shot dad,” I yelled over the noise.
“Thanks, that’s what is good about the military,” he said.
“Oh, great no one is in the cab,” I said. Then I started to run for the front of the train after noticing the emergency brakes had been cut. I went all the way to the closest locomotive to the passenger cars. Then I remembered that if I cut the brake line, it will lose air, the brakes apply and then we
would stop.
I then went to the middle of the train and lowered two trap doors. I could not reach the handle to uncouple the cars. I was just about to give up when Samantha came thru. “Samantha get over there and tell help pull me over to that handle,” I said. She stopped and helped. I reached her hand on the other car, I was happy about this, and then I grabbed the handle and it didn't come apart. Time for plan B. I went back thru the baggage cars and climbed onto the roof of the locomotives. I then struggled to keep balance. Once I got on the third locomotive, I wondered why did I do this. I then noticed a bridge coming up. I laid flat on the roof. Then I crawled to the next locomotive. Once I was between the locomotives, I went in the back door of the lead locomotive. After walking past the motor, and all of the heat and noise with that, I got to the cab. I then applied the brakes to the train. Once we came to a full stop I got out of the cab, our rested engineer went and got in the cab. Once I was back on we departed. We went around Chicago on the Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern (now Canadian National as of 2009). Once we got to the New York Central (part is Norfolk Southern and the other CSX) tracks we went back to faster speeds. We flew across Indiana.
The train’s next stop was Sandusky Ohio, for Cedar Point. In the morning all of us got on shuttle buses for the park. The first ride, Edward, Emily, Jen, Samantha, and I rode was Mean Streak, and then we rode Raptor, Corkscrew, some carnival rides, and then the biggest of them all Top Thrill Dragster. On most rides Jen and I rode besides each other I also sat next to Samantha a lot, and Emily and Edward sat by each other, Edward was loving this, and so was I. Then we just rode random rides, and coasters. I thought by the end of the day this is the coolest amusement park in the world.
After that we departed Sandusky for Buffalo. We arrived and sat on a station track at the gigantic rotting building Buffalo Central Terminal (even though currently there are no station tracks, and the concourse is disconnected, but hey its fiction). I slept in my sleeper, till someone knocking on my door woke me up. I got up and let them in. “So what can I do for you at this hour,” I asked.
“Nathan is missing,” Miranda said.
49“And I saw him walk up the ramp into the terminal,” Jennette said.
“Ok, you guys I’ll go and get him, just stay here,” I said. Then I went outside, and walked along our train to the ramp up to the concourse. This place wasn’t as scary if you didn’t think that it was haunted (it has been decided by the ghost hunters they have some TV show I haven’t watched but it is on the charity’s homepage, that they found it haunted, whether it is true or not remains to be found, it just adds a cool tone to this otherwise boring part of a book). But knowing it was haunted I was edgy as come be.
Trying to find where Nathan had gone was tough. As I was walking two lights popped up in my path. “Who is there,” I asked.
“Jonathan,” in a prolonged way the ghost said, “come.” I turned around to find my self face to face with one. I then ran for my life. I took off trying to lose it on my
way around the information booth. Then I ran back to the concourse only to see like 12 ghosts floating over my path. I dove under them, got up and ran all the way back to track 6, down the ramp and down the side of the train, to my car. I went back to my room.
“Man you were running fast,” Jennette said.
“ I know I was being chased by a ghost,” I said.
“There is no such thing as that,”Miranda said.
“Look out the window then,” I said. The I listened to a minute and a half of screams.
“We still have to get him out,” Miranda said.
“I know, wait a minute, I bought the Ghostbusters equipment in LA, if it works we’ll be in business,” I said.
“Then lets get to the baggage car and get it,” Jennette said. Then we walked thru the train and got the equipment. Jen and I had proton packs, while Miranda had the mood slime
(Ghostbusters 2) and the trap. Jennette and I walked on both sides of her seeing we were more heavily armed. We then walked up to the concourse to find the line was still there. “Push the red button on the back,” I whispered to Miranda. Then I was on. I took aim and got one. “Trap,” I yelled. I took it over the trap, and then I yelled, “we missed it.” Then we busted thru the line of ghosts. Then once we got thru that mess, we walked into the main concourse.
Then the lights popped up again in our path, Jennette shot at those, while I turned around to get the other one. We then trapped both of those. Then we started looking for where he went. We looked in the ticket office, where we lost Miranda. I sent Jennette back to the train to get the other thing of slime. Then I found her, with a ghost. Then Jennette came back the same way as the other. I had a choice release Miranda, and get Jennette, or run. I ran across the
station, as both of them were following me. I ran straight for the train. Then I got on at the door I had left open and shut it. I woke Edward and he came to the baggage car with me. Then he got the slime and we waited for those two to show up, as I made a blockade. We discussed our battle plan. Then we went back into the terminal. This time we lost those two as we were looking in the office tower. Edward and I then made sure we would not leave each others sight at all. Then as we went down the steps we heard a scream and followed it into the basement. We then started busting the doors down till we found where all three of them were.
“Freeze, where you are,” a voice said behind me.
“Not till you show your self,” Edward said.
“Good one, Edward,” I said. The dude came out of the corner.
“Man he called my bluff,” Edward said.
“What do you want,” he asked.
“We want our friends to be released,” I said.
“No,” he said.
“You better or they will rip your head off,” Jennette said.
“I would love to see them try,” he said.
“Edward, lets,” I said, as I jumped him. We then took him down to the floor and hit, and kicked him. Then as Edward did that I got his keys, and released our friends. Then Edward moved him into the cell, and we locked him in. Then we put the key just out of his reach. Then we left the terminal for good. As we walked down the platform we
went and put our stuff back into the baggage car. “Did you notice the projectors,” Nathan asked.
“What projectors,” I asked.
“The ones that made it look like ghosts,” he said.
“Then these things we had were just really fancy lazars,” Jennette said.
“Exactly,”Nathan said.
After that we all went into my drawing room, and talked. “What is this,” Jennette said while pulling 3 papers from my bookshelf.
“Those look like my amusement park plans that will never be made into a park,” I said.
“Anything is possible. Just make sure you never lose hope on it. We’ll be the first guests if you can get it open,” she said.
“Thanks you just gave me a motivation to get this thing open, I think,” I said. I really want to spend time with these guys.
“Hey Jonathan, aren’t these the car diagrams for these cars in this binder,” Nathan

“Yeah it is. This is the car we are in right now IMPERIAL CREST a Pennsylvania railroad car from the Broadway Limited, built by Pullman Standard, you will see a lot of Pullman Standard car plans, same with Budd, and American Car and Foundry,” I said. Then all of us looked at these diagrams. Then we all went back to our rooms, including me seeing I have two rooms.
''I bet you I could design one for you,'' Jennette said.
"I guess you can,'' I said.
That was my entertaining room we were in. In the morning our train got started bright and early with a tour of the city. We left at 11. We were running 2 hours faster then the Empire State Express. We were cruising down the water level route at a high speed.
I watched as we were gliding along the Mohawk River. I then went to the Dome Diner as we were gliding thru New York State. I ate with Edward and Dalton. I had a Hamburger. Then I went to the Lookout Lounge in Sandy Creek. All of our New York Central cars were back on their home rails. We flew thru Albany. “When the train reaches New York City, you have three options. You can take a nighttime bus tour thru the city and Brooklyn for 42 dollars. You can go shopping, which is free as long as you don’t buy anything. Your last option is to go to a Broadway play. I highly recommend it. You can figure out what is playing at the theater reservation center in Sandy Creek observation car. I recommend you go and see Rock of Ages. Thank you and we will be in New York in about 2 hours,” I said.
I then found mom and asked her what she wanted to see our two and a half days we were here. I then went to the reservation center and purchased 2 tickets to Rock of
Ages for tonight. I bought front row tickets. Then I sat back down in the lounge. “So are you guys going to a show,” I asked Kelsey.
“Yeah, were going to see Mama Mia,” she replied.
“Hey Jen, what are you going to see,” Kayley asked.
“I’m probably not going to a show,” Jennette said.
“You aren’t,” I said.
“Yeah, nothing is new here,” she said.
“Rock of Ages, and Blithe Spirit are both new,” I said.
“Ok, stand in corrected,” she said, '' I guess that I have no one to go with."
“I’ll be glad to take you to the show I’m going to go to tonight,” I said.
“Sure, what are you seeing,” she said.
“Rock of Ages, for my second time,” I said.
“Cool, meet you and everyone else going to that show later,” she said.
I enjoyed our cruise down the Water
Level Route. I went back to my room to change into theater clothes. I sat in the Lookout Lounge for our approach to Manhattan. We stopped at Harlem 125 street to take off our P-42 locomotives. We then split the train in two so it could sit in Grand Central Terminal. The part I was sitting on was the last part to leave. I watched as we crept between buildings on the Park Avenue Viaduct. Then we went into the tunnel to Grand Central Terminal.
The chaperones that were going to particular shows had signs so people could get in the right group. After everyone was accounted for on the lists that they put together for us at the reservation center. My group had Edward, Dalton, Cody, Samantha, Jennette, Megan, and Tyler. We walked down 42nd to Broadway. Then we walked to 47th street to the theater.
We all had different seats so we made the meeting area right outside the door.
We enjoyed the show. Then we walked down the street to the Juniors (a great burger joint) alley. We ate dinner there and then returned to the train. “So how did you like Mama Mia, Kayley,” I asked.
“Great music,” she said, “you enjoy your show.”
“Always, that was my second time going to that show,” I said. After that I walked to my room for the night. The next day we were allowed to do what ever we wanted. I got stuck doing some shopping, but what ever I got a good lunch at Oscars in the Waldorf Astoria. Then as it got later we went back to the train to reserve our theater tickets for the night.
As we got there my dad came back from a Subway Series game at Yankee Stadium. Then just my mom and I went to the Jersey Boys. That might have been the most relaxing time I have had this whole trip. Then after that we went back to Grand
Central. I went to the Transit Museum gift store and bought a book on the Broadway Limited.
Then during the night they rolled our train around a wye (railroad spelling), and brought it back to the station. The next morning our train was recouped. We had 45 minutes to get breakfast, or anything from Grand Central before our train left. I stood at the gate to our track to greet our passengers that took advantage of the time. It was 8 when we left. After crossing the Hudson, we then zipped across New Jersey. In Newark, our Fl-9’s were taken off, and a modern Amtrak electric locomotive was put on.
“Jonathan, how fast are we going,” Ashlyn asked.
“One minute, and I’ll tell you,” I said. After a minute I said, “About 125 mph.”
“That is fast,” she said.
Then I just kept watching the scenery. I was excited as we overtook (pass a train in
the same direction as yours) a commuter train. We slowed down as we went thru zoo interlocking. But soon after we were back at speed. We kept like this till the power went out for the entire corridor. I was praying we wouldn’t get stuck in a tunnel.
We got stuck in one. I then rounded up the entire staff up into the Cascade Club for a meeting. “Ok, new rules guys. Only one person per room, no sitting in dome cars, while this goes on. Next thing is someone needs to mark the steps on the ground floor in dome cars,” I said. Then I made my way thru the train with my flashlight.
A porter stopped me, so I could watch his car as he went to the bathroom. Then as soon as it had begun it ended. After the power came back on we then flew out of the tunnel. The train then rolled in to Washington where we paused just to change locomotives to our P-42 units that ran ahead of the train to Washington. We let our passengers walk alongside the train as we switched engines. Once that was done everyone got back on, and we left Washington an hour and half late.
I then sat in the Dome car as we rolled thru the Capital Hill tunnel. Once we emerged, I tried to get pictures of all the monuments of Washington that were visible. Most kids weren’t up here, actually the dome was empty, and the only reason I knew to sit here was because I ride the train regularly. After that we crossed the Potomac. We quickly gained speed, and flew down the CSX main line. I watched as we crossed a lot of Tidewater Rivers. We switched to the other track for a few minutes seeing the Auto Train had departed.
We overtook the auto train as it was gaining speed. We then switched back to the track we should have been on. Jennette came up after a few minutes. We talked for a long time, till it was time to make a round of the train. I then watched as the train rounded the corner at Selma North Carolina. This was the first time I had been on this stretch in the daylight. Our train kept on rolling thru the North Carolina woods. We blasted thru Raleigh. Then we went thru small towns. I went to the travelers rest car and picked up a small meal (travelers rest was a diner and a lounge). Then I went back to the dome.
I enjoyed seeing all of the places I had only seen after dark. Then the three stars came up and we all talked for a while. Then I made an announcement, “We are currently passing thru Hamlet North Carolina, which means it is roughly and hour and ten minutes back to Elgin.”
“You got any paper on you Jonathan,”
Nathan asked.
“Yeah, sure take as much as you want,” I said.
“Here is my cell number,” he said, “lets stay in touch it has been a pleasure.”
“Give that to me,” Jennette said.
“Here is my email, and cell just in case you lose the original one I gave you,” she said, “I have enjoyed your company. Now never give up on your dreams.”
“Wait,” Miranda said, “here is my number. You have made the best trip I have had in a while, even if I had to work during parts.”
“Thank you let me give you mine to,” I said.
“Now don’t forget to come to the premiere with us in New York,” Jennette said.
“Ok, why is it not in LA,” I asked.
“Transformers 3 is in LA,” Nathan said.
“Well guys, I guess this is the end of this trip guys, you’re welcome to come to my house anytime you want. Feel free to hang around or use the private railcars as 63
much as you want, as I just bought 60 passenger cars and 13 locomotives for a 1 dollar,” I said.
“Nice,”Nahtan said.
“Well if you excuse me I have to go to a vestibule as we are now going thru the wye to the school. Man Bea is going to be mad that I’m rolling in to Petsmart very late,” I said.
“What do you do there,” Jennette asked.
“I volunteer with the cats there,” I said.
Then I walked to the vestibule. I opened the trap door and then hung out as we approached the station. Passengers were already moving to the end of there cars getting ready to unload. Once we got fairly close to where I thought we would stop, I jumped off and walked to the final stop of the door. Then all of the passengers got off. I left as they were unloading to the baggage car, and started putting the suitcases on the baggage cart.

After I filled one cart up I drove it to the end of the platform where the people were. Then I drove back and loaded it with instruments. I had to make another suitcase run. “Put our stuff back on, we have more filming we can do in your yard on the train to do,” Max said.
“Cool, I’ll do it,” I said. I reloaded it, and then as soon as we were ready, I gave the signal for us to roll to my yard. Then we slowly rolled across Elgin, as I shut the vestibules. I left one open, as I would get off in a few minutes. Once we got to my house, back yard, and rail yard, I unloaded my stuff, and went inside. Then my mom and I ran to Petsmart, to volunteer, even if Bea yelled us at, the managers came to our defense at least. Then we went back home and that was a trip. The film people spent a few more weeks here, so I hung out with the stars, as summer is here. That was band trip.
Well that is almost it. There is one more part that was mainly to get this to novel status, and is basically rambling.

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