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Author Topic: A Sight To Have Seen
Gilbert B Norman
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The Times has an article today about preparations for the Cleveland Republican National Convention:

New York Times

This Fair Use quotation says it all:

  • As he kicked around proposals for how to make his grand entrance, he nixed the idea of riding into Cleveland on a train. “It’s been done,” he said.
Now that would have been something to see; a train of "PV's" (Amtrak wouldn't touch it let it be seen as an endorsement), all shrink wrapped with "guess who's" name about them.

Anyone care to imagine The Donald arriving on the Lake Shore - and in line space

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I hope Donald's people are not that naive. As the Fair Use quotation says above, it's yesterday's news and the media would make sure everybody was reminded of that.

He is a very clever businessman who knows how to be "showy" in making grand entrances. I don't know if GOP leadership will be on-board (pun intended!) for much of anything that he wants. There is some serious behind-the-scenes animosity going on right now. I hope Trump wins----I think he'll make a great president FOR OUR TIME. I can't picture myself voting for him if these were "normal" times, but in my opinion, these are not. He is not a conservative, even though he says he is, but that doesn't concern me. I think it's about time this nation gets a leader who understands business, who understands world leaders and how to push their buttons as well as stroke their egos, all the while keeping America safe and strong. The current president has been doing seriously damaging social engineering with the military, and it's going to ruin them and us. Anyone who has served SHOULD understand exactly why the newest changes announced are irrelevant and should have been about the 10,000th item on the "to do" list. My mouth was stuck open when I heard the SecDef announce things the other day. I won't go into why because then I'll be way too far off-topic.

As far as Amtrak goes, that's an easy one. It doesn't matter who is elected as Prez. Amtrak will not benefit nor will they be hurt by either person. I've never understood the giddiness that railfans often get when a Democrat is elected, as if they will do something wonderful with Amtrak (they won't----have they ever?). Amtrak is one of those things that just "exists" and will continue to exist and barely get by every year. Politics is the only thing that keeps it running. If Amtrak came to a halt tomorrow, almost nobody would notice. Sure, railfans would. And the news would make it a story for a day or two, but beyond that, most Americans' reaction would be, "What's Amtrak?".

Okay, one more political comment....(I don't post for how long, and then I show up for this?? Heh heh.....well, my life has been just as bizarre lately so I guess it fits). If the current presumed GOP nominee wins the election, unfortunately, we are going to see violence. Lots and lots of violence. I'm talking about things equal or larger than the recent Baltimore riots, Ferguson, Rodney King riots, etc. I know why, but I won't get into it here, but I am one hundred percent certain that this will happen. In addition, the current president and his political party will encourage the violence. (If you find that hard to believe, here are two examples that many people seem to forget: 1) For Ferguson, Al Sharpton went to the White House to seek instructions, and the president told him to pass along the message to the rioters: "Stay the course", and 2) The Democrat Mayor of Baltimore said, “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” She denied saying it, even though there are about 5,000 videos of her saying it. I have other information, but again, I won't share it because I'm already straying off-topic. But I am extremely worried (and scared) for what's coming, no matter who wins. If the Democrat nominee wins, we will have elected one of the most corrupt and guilty criminals in all of politics. Just as I'm typing this post this very second, they just showed on the morning news what Hillary's aid (Huma) said during the deposition a few days ago. She actually admitted to taking Hillary's online schedule, printing them, and then putting them all in burn bags (if you don't know what a burn bag is, a quick Google search will show pictures and explain it-----it's simply a way of destroying documents). The problem with burning the Secretary of State's schedules? It's against the law. Each one that burns is a separate felony charge. Everyone knows she is guilty. Everyone knows she lied to America and to the families over the Benghazi tragedy. How can anyone vote for a person like that? Follow her as far back as you want to go, and all you will find is corruption, cover-ups, and lies. If you're worried about her getting indicted and/or arrested of any other legal trouble, DON'T. Nothing will happen to her. Again, that is a guarantee that I can articulate very clearly but I can't do it here. But just know that there is zero chance of that happening. There are very obvious reasons why, but the media have not reported it OR the connections to people. Because of that, she is safe and she is untouchable.

As far as PVs bringing "whoever" into DC on election day, it won't happen, but I sort of wish it would. It seems like we don't seem them any more as much as we used to. I don't know if the PV business is down or what, but they seem to be a rarity. Perhaps GBN has seen them on his morning walk attached to #4 (I think? Or is it #6?). But I do think that UP will have its usual business fleet at the Dem convention. That's been the practice in the past.

That's it for now. I hope all are well. Still extremely busy on my end. My dad's doctor did not listen to me, which may sound funny because we're supposed to listen to doctors---right? Well I don't believe in that. My career has taught me many times that no matter who you are and what your training is, you are not flawless and unable to make mistakes, so I have no problem with telling a doctor that I think a different approach might be better, and if he/she disagrees, then please tell me why. Well, this doctor would not listen and I wish I would have been more aggressive but hindsight is 20/20. My dad was having a pacemaker put in, and he was having the most popular (most used) brand put in, which is a brand called St. Jude. There are two types: one lead (wire), or two leads (wires). The two lead unit has an AED in it, so it can shock the heart if it starts to go into A-FIB or some other irregular heartbeat. It is a proactive unit, whereas the one lead unit is simply reactive----a doctor can use this machine thingy with an antenna on it, and see what the one lead unit says about the heart's activities over time. My dad had the one lead unit put in, 3 weeks later he had his follow-up appointment, and the record showed that my dad's heart stopped for 34 seconds in the middle of the night. He did not know about it, and neither did my mom. They did not learn about it until a few weeks later. I was so ticked off!!!! I told them we are going to find another doctor TODAY and they are going to replace the one wire and put in a two wire. So we found a great heart guy who does the two wire units all the time. He did a great job, and he would not come out and say that the other doctor messed up, but he gave us enough looks and clues to indicate that we were now doing the right thing and the other one never should have been put in. So for me, it's lesson learned. I really need to speak up louder in a situation like that.

Thanks for reading....I guess I went on forever again....

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Good to see you are still kicking.

As for your predictions about how the people will respond to the election- I remember that you were absolutely convinced that the people would not reelect Obama but you read that wrong.

Let's hope you are wrong about your prediction of violence.

Vicki in usually sunny Southern California

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Ocala Mike
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Quote of the day from FBI Director James Comey - "Only facts matter."

I'm uncomfortable about the fact that HRC E-MAILED state secrets; on the other hand, I'm downright terrified knowing that the presumptive Republican nominee would probably be TWEETING them out right and left.

Ocala Mike

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This is definitely an election for the lesser of two evils. Too bad, too, as there are many that would be better qualified than either of the two that are considered the presumptive nominee. Maybe there will be a surprise at the convention. I'd like to see Bernie vs. Kasich. That would make my choice easy.

Smitty, glad to read your post and that your dad is now getting good care. Did you ever get to take that train ride?

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I will vote neither for the immature brat nor the compromiser of state secrets.

That is not negotiable.

The City of Saint Louis (UP, 1967) is still my standard for passenger operations

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